SEMAFO's Boungo mine in Burkina Faso

TSX-listed gold miner SEMAFO has faced another armed incident near its operations in Burkina Faso – the second incident suffered by the mining company this month.

A bus transporting employees from the town of Bobo-Dioulasso to the Mana mine in Burkina Faso was shot at by armed bandits on the morning of 17 August.

In the exchange of fire between the policemen and bandits, one SEMAFO national employee and one sub-contractor employee lost their lives.

Operations at the Mana mine, located 80 km from the incident, were not affected, the company notes.

This follows the armed incident which occurred on 13 August between the town of Fada and the Boungou mine site in the Est region of Burkina Faso, which resulted in the death of five gendarmes and one sub-contractor employee.

Early analysis suggests that this incident and the armed incident that occurred in the Est region are unrelated.

In light of the two events, SEMAFO will be increasing its security measures at Mana and take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of the mine and of its employees – in much the same way as it has done so at Boungou following the first incident.