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From visibility to credibility, exhibiting at a trade show such as Electra Mining has hundreds of benefits for many businesses.

For drive and automation specialist SEW-EURODRIVE South Africa, this trade show brings about the opportunity to network, showcase its product portfolio, launch new solutions and expand the company’s client base.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 8 2018

AUTHOR: Sascha-Lee Solomons, content editor at Mining Review Africa

“Establishing and reinforcing your presence at a trade show as highly regarded at Electra Mining provides our business with a powerful platform to meet new customers, reconnect with our existing clientele and build upon the reliable brand our clients have come to expect from SEW-EURODRIVE,” notes Obermeyer.

Having exhibited in Nasrec’s Hall 6 at stand J20 for 20 years now, SEW-EURODRIVE has become renowned for its presence at Electra Mining and this year the company plans to wow the crowd with a brand new stand design, while giving visitors more to see and experience from its extensive product portfolio and chat to staff who are well informed to share as much information as possible.

Positioned for success

SEW-EURODRIVE national sales and marketing manager Norman Maleka highlights that with the many changes taking place within the mining and automotive industry, it is important for the company to adapt and remain abreast of the latest innovations.

In order to remain relevant, it is necessary for businesses to showcase their ability to adapt – “And Electra Mining provides the platform to do so.”

Maleka notes that SEW-EURODRIVE has opted to change its stand design to increase the flow of visitors to the stand, stimulate interaction and also demonstrate how its solutions work in actual applications.

“The new design allows visitors to see how our total solutions offerings can be installed, used and operated,” he explains.

“Because new engineers are entering the industry looking for the latest innovations and technology, it is important to show possible and existing clients how our products can be used, instead of just displaying them.”

By attracting new and existing clients contributes to extending the company’s services across various applications in mining and other industries.

Electra Mining welcomes a wide variety of visitors. This not only attracts a possible new client base but changes the demographics of our services.”

Products on display

Obermeyer comments that SEW-EURODRIVE experts will be on-hand to discuss the latest innovations from its German parent company.

“Our team has undergone intensive training to provide the best knowledge and overall experience at Electra Mining,” he adds.

Apart from exhibiting its existing solutions, SEW will be launching new products that have been developed to operate in what is seen today as a technologically advanced industry.

This includes the company’s Mechatronic Industrial Gear (MIG) unit which represents the convergence of gears, motors, and decentralised inverters in a single handy package.

Maleka explains that this is an exciting future technology for the mining industry, especially with the increasing trend towards automation to cut costs and boost productivity.

“The MIG unit is an innovative solution that ensures practical benefits and profitability across all stages, from the initial inquiry right through to maintenance,” he says.

“The fact that we are in a position to not only predict what the technology trends in the mining industry will be in the short to long-term, but have already developed products to meet such demands, places us in a very good position to keep our customers up to date with the future of mining. Our expertise and experience in this regard is unparalleled, combined with our 24/7 customer service and aftermarket support,” Maleka notes.

Discussing what new products will be on display, Maleka points to the ECDriveS 24 V drive system for light-load conveyor applications.

“Mining operations are under constant pressure to reduce supply-chain costs, and one area where we can affect such efficiencies is in materials handling applications.”

Another materials handling innovation which will be showcased is the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) system for assembly lines in a range of industrial sectors.

AGV systems are used to automate in-house material flows, or they can serve as the basis for flexible assembly operations.

The track-guided inductive heavy-load AGVS allows for a barrier-free factory, for example.

SEW-EURODRIVE’s total AGV system solution covers individual vehicles, energy supply, and the WLAN communication, as well as navigation and vehicle coordination itself.

Maleka further comments that visitors to the SEW-EURODRIVE stand will also be able to view products such as its IE3-compliant DRN motors and LTP-B Eco drive for fan and pump control by means of augmented reality, an exciting feature likely to generate high visitor interest at the new stand.

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