The RC drilling programme at Uranex’s Nachu graphite project as confirmed that there is significant graphitic mineralization in all of the blocks identified by the electromagnetic survey.

The total area of all blocks delineated by the geology team following the EM survey was 829 ha using the 888 Hz interpretation. The results from the final 6 drill holes, discussed in this announcement are from holes drilled to test some specific areas in blocks C and D. They confirm the presence of graphitic mineralization in the area surrounding those holes. Of significance is the hole in block C and the hole in block D which were extended to 76m and 79m respectively and showed mineralization extending to depths of 72.4m and 62.5m respectively.

“The RC programme was very successful for the company as it confirmed the potential for a very significant deposit on this tenement,” says CEO Rod Chittenden. “We are excited to be entering the next phase of exploration with our diamond drilling programme set to begin soon as this will provide us with samples for grade and metallurgical analysis.”