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Slurry handling materials design

Director of technology at Weir Minerals, Friedrich Bradner, says that in the competitive slurry handling market, companies need to be one step ahead of their competitors to remain sustainable.

“We employ 50 research and development engineers at our Artarmon technology group facilities who are involved in finding new and improved design and construction materials for our product solutions.

“Each proposal for a new design is evaluated to ascertain its probable level of acceptance in the market. Should a product not appeal to the market, the large amounts of time and money spent on its development will have been wasted,” Bradner explains.

The design process is supported by an analytical laboratory which can undertake standardised physical material properties tests as well as more specific tests, for instance to measure the thermal properties of materials.

“Our aim is to produce a better performing product and since materials of construction have a large influence on the performance of our manufactured equipment, producing superior materials gives us a competitive edge,” Bradner concludes.