South Sudan
presidential advisor
general Joseph Lagu
Mombasa, Kenya — MININGREVIEW.COM — 20 February 2012 – The government of South Sudan has appealed to Kenya to assist it in ending the conflict between South Sudan and Sudan over mineral resources.

“Our government is calling on Kenya, as one of the peaceful countries in the region, to intervene and help us solve this crisis,” South Sudan presidential advisor General Joseph Lagu confirmed.

Addressing the media during an induction course for South Sudanese ambassadors at Mombasa’s Continental Resort, Lagu said the two states were failing to co-exist peacefully. “Sudan has been attacking South Sudan. This is not good, especially for non-aggression treaties,” he added.

Lagu said the two states needed to accept that although they were independent of one other, they could coexist peacefully.

“South Sudan is rich in oil and the North has the infrastructure. Each country can benefit from the other,” he explained.

“The Daily Nation” reports that at independence South Sudan took with it more than three quarters of Sudan’s oil resources, but that the infrastructure required to export the oil remained in the north.
Turning to regional peace, Lagu said Kenya and Somalia could win the war against Al-Shabaab if they formed stronger ties. “The war against the terror group can be won through a stronger alliance between the two states,” he added.

This comes as the Transitional Federal Government in Somalia has appealed to the international community to assist it in eliminating Al-Shabaab.