Vital Engineering (Pty) Ltd is pleased to support Chavda & Associates with the supply of products to the Angolan diamond mines. With international experience and the high ISO 9001 accreditation, Vital is confident that its customers will be satisfied with its quality products.

Vitagrid® is fast becoming widely acclaimed for innovative and high quality safety serrated grating, handrail and expanded metal products and standards ensuring reduced costs and low maintenance cycle replacements. Various finishes are available and the new Vitaglass® corrosion resistant coating offers even better product life in the most demanding of conditions with no loss of walking surface grip.

Vital has also extended its service levels to the buying and specifying markets of expanded metals. Vitex® has taken the expanded metal industry to the next generation with the launch of the newly released and patented expanded metal with a serrated non-slip strand. A variety of materials can be supplied such as mild steel, aluminium, and stainless steel.

A free animated and voice CD of all Vital product specifications is available.  Vital Engineering looks forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with Chavda & Associates.