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Submersible slurry pumps

Flygt pump

The Flygt submersible
slurry pump

Slurry handling is considered one of the most demanding applications for any pump, and one of the costliest in terms of wear and tear, maintenance and downtime. Finding a solution to this problem will result in increasing efficiencies and productivity as well as an exponential reduction in costs.

According to Klint Bawden, dewatering applications engineer at ITT Water & Wastewater, there is a market trend away from vertical spindle sump pumps towards submersible slurry pumps. “This is because these pumps are more user-friendly, require less infrastructure, are quiet in operation and more efficient when compared to vertical spindle pumps.”

He points out that because the submersible pump operates directly in the slurry it requires no support structure and occupies less space. In addition, the motor and volute is an integrated unit, making it compact and easy to install. Another advantage because it operates underwater is the reduced noise level and, in some instances, silent operation is guaranteed.

“Add to this, the Victaulic flange and coupling on the Flygt 5100/5150 Series pumps allows fast, easy connection to a wide range of commonly available fittings.”

All wear parts in the Flygt 5100/5150 series are manufactured from high chrome and the impeller is hardened for maximum wear resistance. The shape of the impeller, with a more sweptback vane design when compared to a conventional impeller, ensures a homogenous flow. And the impeller hub is equipped with effective pump-out backvanes that expel abrasive particles.

Efficient Class H motors, with built-in sensors for high temperatures and leakage detection, are standard. The motor is cooled by the surrounding liquid, effectively allowing for up to 15 starts per hour, which results in smaller and more efficient sumps.