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Supply of Uniforms

The Kit Group recently signed a multimillion rand deal to supply security company ADT its full range of uniforms and accessories and in addition, its unique vendor management system.

This is the first time a security company is moving beyond the traditional method of controlling the distribution of its uniforms to its guards, with the expert technology of the management system. The cost of distributing uniforms and accessories can become exorbitant if it is not properly managed or maintained.

The Kit Group will also bring to the table product development such as breath-easy materials and moisture management materials to adapt to the climates of each of South Africa’s provinces. In addition, it will train all ADT staff across the country on the maintenance of their equipment and uniforms to ensure that the client’s image is preserved and more importantly to save on costs.

The Kit Group envisages a number of technological advances in the coming months that will benefit each client. In the near future, it hopes to introduce new fingerprint technology that will capture each security guard’s measurements, dimensions and details so that when receiving new uniforms the uniform manager is able to quickly and efficiently obtain his details.

The Kit Group is South Africa’s leading uniform solutions specialist with over 42 years experience in the workwear and security wear industries. The uniform solutions function offered by The Kit Group includes the conception and design, the manufacture, supply and management of uniforms and accessories using the latest IT software to all industries including industrial & mining.