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Tanzania to launch new minerals search

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Dodoma, Tanzania — 15 June 2012 – The Tanzanian government and the World Bank have launched a US$25 million project aimed at compiling detailed and accurate data on mineral-endowed areas to attract foreign investors to the country.

Quoting “The Tanzania Daily News”, allAfrica.com reports that the project is scheduled to begin later this month and to end in 2014.

The Geologists Survey of Tanzania (GST) CEO Professor Abdulkarim Mruma told journalists here that the GST would implement the project, which would pinpoint possible areas that contained minerals and water.

He added that the survey was also likely to identify suitable areas for infrastructure development, agriculture and human settlement. It would also give early warning on areas with dangerous radioactive elements.

But Mruma emphasised that the main aim of the project was to attract investment in the mining sector and increase the industry’s contribution to the national economy. Scientific reports on the availability of minerals across the country would be distributed to stakeholders.

The geophysical survey would be conducted by the GST in collaboration with experts from Canada and Britain.

Source: allAfrica.com. For more information, click here.