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Tanzanian MP’s force mining debate

The new Tanzanian
parliamentary chamber,
where the country’s mining
industry will be debated
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania — MININGREVIEW.COM — 14 July 2008 – The Tanzanian government has yielded to pressure by MPs to have a presidential commission report on mining debated so they can have a say on the final recommendations and implementation of the proposed sweeping changes in the mining sector. The Judge Bomani mining sector review report, which recommends an overhaul of the country’s mining laws, will now be discussed in parliament.

Quoting The Citizen newspaper here, allAfrica.com says the report on mining – recently presented to President Jakaya Kikwete by commission chairman Judge Mark Bomani – has, among other things, proposed the establishment of the Minerals Authority to oversee all mining ventures.

Energy and minerals minister William Ngeleja had omitted the report from his budget proposals, but the MPs demanded to know how the government planned to curb the massive losses being incurred in the mining and power sectors. Then deputy speaker Anna Makinda announced that the report would be distributed to the MPs for debate.

Mr Malecela, who is a former prime minister and the CCM vice-chairman, said that due to the fact that the Bomani report had raised pertinent issues on the mining sector, it was important for parliament to discuss and make recommendations on its implementation.

Contributing to the ministry’s budget debate, a majority of the MPs denounced suspect mining and power contracts and called for a thorough review or cancellation of some of them to save the country the immense losses. They also insisted that the Government should stop giving excessive tax incentives to mining companies.