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Technology key to survival and sustainable development of mines

The global mining industry is experiencing mixed fortunes in the aftermath of the economic downturn. In order to maximise profit, many mining houses are having to travel further, dig deeper and increase either the political or technical risk that they face.  With demand outstripping supply, exploration and development funding has changed over the past few years with the emphasis shifting to areas that have been poorly explored or have had poor access for reasons of politics, infrastructure or legislation.

In terms of financing, there has been a general de-rating of mining stocks and a preference for companies that are in or near to production. Juniors and/or high risk marginal projects will find it more difficult to find finance. There will be a requirement to go back to the fundamentals, and to ensure that they are operating as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Technology will play an increasingly critical role in ensuring that mines operate at maximum efficiency and profitability, and that safety standards are not only met, but that the benchmark continues to rise.

It is in this context that Mining Review Africa is proud to host the inaugural MINE-TECH International Conference and Expo, which will showcase the cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions required by the mining industry to ensure a sustainable future. With specially designed tracks on mining technology and mining processes, the conference will be dedicated to technological innovation, providing strategies and solutions that will increase profitability, production, workforce skills, and safety within the mining industry.

The expo will showcase the latest products and services available and provide opportunities to compare and assess the various technologies and solutions on offer.

Why the industry’s most influential group of mining decision makers will be at MINE-TECH International 2009:

  • Network with industry peers from the international mining community
  • Discover and evaluate products and services that support the mining industry
  • Meet international experts under one roof
  • Identify key trends, technologies and solutions
  • Learn from topical case studies
  • Receive first hand customer feedback on products/services/companies
  • Exchange ideas and opinions on the technologies currently available

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