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Tongon mine pours first gold

Workers walk along
the Tongon conveyor
Tongon, Ivory Coast — MIN INGREVIEW.COM — 09 November 2010 – West African-focused gold mining and exploration company Randgold Resources Limited “’ on the occasion of its Tongon mine in the Ivory Coast pouring its first gold “’ has forecast an average annual production of 277 000 ounces of gold from the mine.

Speaking to reporters at its launch, Randgold West African director of operations Samba Toure said 75 000 ounces of gold would be produced by the end of this year.

“It is the first gold mine worthy of the name in Ivory Coast, and we think it is the start of other mines that will also open their doors here,” Toure said.

Ivorian mining and energy minister Augustin Komoe said Tongon by itself would produce an amount equivalent to double Ivory Coast’s total existing gold output.

Tongon is due to have a lifespan of 11 years. Throughput at the plant will be 300 000tpmwhen output is at its peak, the company said in a news release issued earlier.