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Transnet on course to increase coal exports

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Johannesburg, South Africa — MININGREVIEW.COM — 10 June 2010 – State-owned rail, ports and pipeline operator Transnet Limited says it is on course to increase coal exports within the next five years, and that it plans to use export routes in Mozambique and Angola.

Acting Transnet chief executive Chris Wells told reporters the company was on course to achieve 81 million tonnes in annual exports within the next five years, while it had also signed contracts to expand iron ore export capacity to 60 million tonnes from the current 44.7 million tonnes.

Transnet data showed that export of coal had declined by 0.2% to 61.8 million tonnes in the year to 31 March 2010 from 61.9 million tonnes in the previous year.

"We are investigating together with the coal industry moving beyond 81 million tonnes, and looking forward to the future of possibly 90 to 100 million tonnes. It depends on the economics of that feasibility study,” Wells said.

Wells added that the industry planned even bigger export capacity for iron ore, and the company was looking at shipping more exports through Luanda in Angola and Maputo in Mozambique.

“We are in a detailed planning phase, for the next expansion. The players are looking at going beyond 80 million tonnes capacity for iron ore,” Wells said.

He added that Transnet would continue with upgrades to its Durban and Cape Town ports, improve railway infrastructure, improve container handling and loading, and that huge private sector investments would be needed to achieve this goal. “We will need private sector participation to some extent to ensure those projects take off,” Wells said.