The construction of the Central Basin AMD treatment plant is shortly coming to completion, with the pumping, treatment and release of the AMD from the plant planned to commence on 12 May 2014.

The operation of the plant will be implemented in two phases, with one train being operated initially and water progressively released from 12 May 2014. A second train will be put into operation in the following weeks.

As expected the discharge from this plant will have an effect on the Elsburgspruit River, the river into which treated AMD will be released. The volume of the water that will be released from 12 May 2014 will be 75% of the ultimate 84ML/day, which is about 63ML/day. The full capacity to 84ML/day will be reached on 30 May 2014. The treated AMD will not be harmful to the end users.

The Trans-Caledon Tunnel Authority (TCTA), a state owned entity under the Department of Water Affairs (DWA), was, in April 2011 mandated by government through the Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) on Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) to provide a short term solution to the AMD challenge experienced by the Gauteng Province.

This project is aimed at implementing the short term action plan in the Western, Central and Eastern Basins of the Witwatersrand Goldfields as recommended to the Inter-Ministerial Committee by the Team of Experts (ToE), chaired by the CEO of the Council for GeoScience. The short term action plan is to prevent decant in the Western Basin and breaching of the Environmental Critical Level (ECL) in the Central and Eastern Basins.

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