Nairobi, Kenya — 17 April 2013 – Leading independent oil and gas exploration and production group Tullow Oil plc has made further progress in its Kenya oil search with the news that Ngamia-1 well, in the northern part of Kenya, is now producing 281 barrels of commercially viable oil per day. reports that according to the British-based company, the flow of the oil at Block 10BB came after the completion of the first drill test at Lower Lokhone formation.

This development follows the recent Tullow announcement that results from Twiga South-1 well in Kenya were showing a production of 2,812 barrels of oil per day. Twiga South-1 well is about 30km west of Ngamia-1 well, where Tullow struck oil earlier in 2012.

“At the Ngamia-1 well in Block 10BB in Kenya, the first of six drill stem tests have now been completed. The well flowed 281 barrels of 30 degree API oil per day using a progressive cavity pump,” said a company statement released here.

While both the Ngamia and Twiga South discoveries have exceeded expectations and substantially de-risked further prospects in the South Lokichar Basin, the firm said it would still require considerably more exploration and appraisal activity to be completed before the commercial threshold for the basin was achieved.

In a further development, the mobilisation of the drilling rig from Paipai in Block 10A to the Etuko location in Block 10BB in Kenya continues on schedule with drilling expected to commence in the first half of next month.

Meanwhile the Sabisa-1 well in the South Omo Block in Southern Ethiopia has been drilled to a total depth of 1,810m with results also expected in May.

Tullow has been licensed to operate all seven of these blocks and has a 50% interest in six of them.

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