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Two new mining projects for Zambia

Copper ore approaching
the Luanshya concentrator
on LCM’s unique 11km
cable belt
Lusaka, Zambia — MININGREVIEW.COM – 26 February, 2008 – The Environmental Council of Zambia (ECZ) has given 10 new projects – two of them mining initiatives – the green light from an environmental point of view.
Reporting the new development here yesterday, allAfrica.com quoted ECZ spokesman Justin Mukosa as saying that the ECZ had approved 10 environmental impact assessments, including one for Luanshya Copper Mines – which operates the Baluba Mine and Luanshya concentrator to produce copper and cobalt concentrates. – and a small-scale copper operation to be based in Mufumbwe.

“The Luanshya Mine proposal has been approved on condition that the company produces an emergency response plan to be submitted to the council within one month,” Mukosa revealed. “The mining company is also required to develop and implement a hazardous waste management procedure, and to ensure that the pollution control facility at the tailings pump house is always well maintained.”

He said Luanshya Copper Mines “shall implement a cyanide management code detailing storage, handling, and training of operating staff. Implementation of this recommendation shall be done within 30 days of the time of approval,” he insisted.

Turning to the other project – the small-scale copper mining initiative by Yellow (Zambia) Limited – Mukosa explained the company was expected to dig water catchment ponds around its pit to contain water discharged before being released into the environment.

He added that the small-scale mine would also be required to develop an emergency response, comply with the Mufumbwe District specifications, and obtain permits from the ECZ throughout the project life cycle.

Other projects approved by the ECZ at this week’s meeting included quarry mines in Lusaka and at Sesheke. No details are available at this stage.