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Underground support drill rig and thin spray liner

Upon request from a customer, Minova RSA designed and manufactured a railbound Autorock support drill rig, capable of drilling and installing rockbolts in a tunnel with dimensions from 3.0 m x 3.0 m to 4.3 m x 4.3 m.


The Minova development
and support drill rig

Pete Ferreira, managing director of Minova RSA says, “We set out to develop a drilling rig that would allow remote drilling of rockbolt holes as well as the safe installation of a rockbolt system.” The support component would be a resin or cement grouted bolt. Holes are drilled from one position in a tunnel with the Autorock boom being manoeuvred remotely.

“We now have a rig that uses the Minova patented Quick-Chem resin capsule insertion method to install the resin capsules with the drilling rig from a position of safety. The rockbolt is also inserted into the hole with the rig without any scaffolding working from the rig platform. The benefit of using resin capsule support is the quality of support.

“The resin capsules used in the system are manufactured on our new state-of-the-art machine recently commissioned by Minova RSA at our Isando works. We can now offer our customers the best possible resin capsule rock bolt solutions available,” Ferreira says.

“The uniqueness of this unit is that we managed to offer a complete solution for the safe drilling and installation of a support tendon with a relatively simple rig and system,” he says.

The development and support drill rig is currently pneumatically operated with a standard rockdrill.

“We are developing a hydropower driven and an oil hydraulic rig for unique and customised operations. This rig is especially well suited to drilling and installation of back area support.

“Research and development in all fields of our business maintains high priority with Minova RSA in order to offer continued improved solutions to their customers. Fields of focus are rock support systems with resins and or cementious products as well as the rockbolt hole drilling and installations in most environments. We have a number of Autorock drill rigs operating in the coal mines as well,” Ferreira says.

A further support focus is the manufacture and application of quality Thin Spray Liners, (TSL), for rock surface consolidation.


Application of Minova
RSA TSL underground

“Our fast setting and excellent bond strength TSL, known as Capcem KT Fast 2C, is a factory premixed powder product with the addition of a liquid polymer at the mixing and spraying machine to offer consistent quality of product. This product is capable of offering eight Mpa UCS after two hours of application and offers good blast on resistance. With this early strength, the product offers rock support soon after application,” Ferreira says.

It can be applied up to eight mm thick during one application. “We have had this product tested by Dr. Halil Yamil at Wits University, Geopractica and CSIR and it was found to be superior.”

It is also extremely well suited to applications in coal mines with exceptional shear bond characteristics.

“Our next step is to get the TSL application into the stope face,” he says. “TSLs should be seriously considered as a support medium along with roof bolting in stopes.”

As a SABS 9001:2001 accredited and level 6 BBBEE company, Minova RSA offers safe, value driven and innovative support solutions to the mining industry.