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Voith produces 30 000th speed switch

Voith Turbo South Africa – leading manufacturer and supplier of superior quality speed switches, also known as motion monitors, to the South African bulk materials handling industry for more than four decades – has reached another milestone with the production of its 30 000th speed switch.

“Our speed switch employs a remarkably simple mounting arrangement for easy installation”, says Voith trading division manager Lester Fine. “The speed switches are supplied in a frame for bolting directly on to the conveyor stringer. A friction wheel contacts the underside of the belt delivering true rotary motion to the switch, and completely eliminates complicated chain drives, couplings and special mounting. This method keeps installation and maintenance costs to a bare minimum. The speed switch is supplied in a dustproof solid steel enclosure with a terminal box and inter-connecting cable for electrical connections”, he explains.

Additional benefits offered by Voith’s locally manufactured, ready-to-bemounted speed switches include:

  • No maintenance, as the switches are dust and hose proof, and lubricated for life
  • Adjustable for all belt speeds

The friction driven switches are set to belt speed and designed for conveyor applications where sequence interlocking is desirable. In the event of a fault that causes the belt speed to slow to below the required speed or stop completely, the motion monitor will automatically trip and stop preceding belts to prevent material build ups at the transfer point, as well as jams and material spillages that will occur if the belt stop remains undetected and feeding continues.

“Our speed switches add value to the bottom line as downtime is drastically reduced through the effective monitoring of belt conveyors to prevent damage to and possible breaking of costly conveyor belts,” Fine explains, “and the bulk materials handling industry also recognises Voith speed switches as essential safety equipment for the prevention of fires on long, difficult to monitor overland conveyors.”

Voith speed switches carry a 12 month guarantee, spares are readily available and the company offers service exchanges and refurbishments on contracts.