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Wesizwe awards shaft-sinking contract

Early development
underway at Wesizwe’s
Bakubung mine
Johannesburg, South Africa — 30 March 2012 – Wesizwe Platinum Limited (Wesizwe) has announced another significant step towards the development of its Bakubung platinum mine with the award of the shaft sinking contract to Aveng Grinaker-LTA Mining. The contract is worth R1.64 million.
Wesizwe CEO Jianke Gao said: “In selecting the successful contractor, the adjudication team considered the commercial offer, the contractor’s technical expertise and experience, as well as a number of other important factors which included the company’s ownership structures; systems and resources; and its safety, health and environment track record.

“This is undoubtedly the most significant milestone in the delivery of a world-class underground PGM mine and we are pleased that we are now able to move forward with the sinking of the shafts,” he added.

The Bakubung platinum mine is located on the Western Limb of the Bushveld Complex.

A statement issued here by Wesizwe explained that site establishment had been underway since 2010. Preparatory work for the start of shaft sinking would be completed in August 2012, with the pre-sink on the ventilation shaft scheduled to start in June 2012. Both the main and ventilation shafts were scheduled for commissioning in October 2018.

Aveng Grinaker-LTA has been involved with the development of mines for the past three decades and has considerable shaft sinking experience with the ability to sink and equip both vertical and decline shafts through all types of rock formations.

Wesizwe project executive Jacob Mothomogolo commented: “The site establishment work is well on track, with a commendable safety record to date. In February this year, the team achieved 500 lost-time injury free days, which will set the mine standard for safety at the mine going forward.”

“Temporary water and power supply has been established and the project team is working on securing permanent bulk services to the mine. In this area particularly, opportunities for collaboration are being explored with other mining companies in the area,” said Mothomogolo.

Source: Wesizwe Platinum. For further details click here.