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Western Star and Freightliner trucks star in latest Transformers movie

Already a well-known and powerful sight on the roads of South Africa, when a Western Star and Freightliner from the Daimler Trucks stable of brands make their presence felt in Hollywood blockbuster style, they set the screen alight.

Anticipation has been running high for the release of the Paramount Pictures “Transformers: Age of Extinction” movie, which is recognised for high-paced action sequences that put a spectacular array of trucks and cars in the limelight. The fourth movie in the Transformers series is given an extra boost when the role of the vehicular lead character, Optimus Prime, morphs into a blinged-out Western Star.

The Western Star will share the screen with a Freightliner truck – but movie fans will need to watch the film to learn more about its character.

“Rugged and tough, commercial vehicle customers in South Africa choose purpose-built Western Star trucks when they need a highly specialised solution for heavy-duty applications both on and off-highway,” says marketing and sales divisional manager at Daimler Trucks South Africa, Godfrey Hani.  The Western Star takes on the most demanding applications, just as Optimus Prime takes on epic battles in the name of justice across the universe. “Merging the two heroes in this movie thus makes perfect sense,” Hani adds.

Developed specifically for the new Michael Bay film by Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA), many styling cues for the Optimus Prime character were leveraged from a new Western Star on-highway vehicle that will be unveiled in the USA later in 2014.

“When the producers of the film approached us to create the new Optimus Prime, we knew we already had the perfect truck in the works and that it would be an ideal partnership to showcase our dedication to engineering, design and building the most rugged and reliable trucks in the industry,” said Andy Johnson, brand manager for Western Star at Daimler Trucks North America. “Being a part of the Michael Bay Transformers film franchise is a unique opportunity where vehicles are stars, and we’re thrilled that Western Star is a major part of this iconic franchise.”

Similarly, the Freightliner truck that debuts in “Transformers: Age of Extinction” has been a stalwart of the Daimler Trucks commercial vehicle stable globally. In South Africa, these vehicles attract fanatical freight business owners due to the products flexibility to serve a wide range of industries and commercial applications. It is widely touted as the vehicle of choice for long-haul trucking.

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