Workers stack copper
coming off the line at
Metorex’s former Sable
processing facility in
Kitwe, Zambia — MININGREVIEW.COM — 05 January 2012 – The Chamber of Mines of Zambia (CMZ) has expressed the belief that the current environment, coupled with increased investments, will push Zambia’s copper production capacity to 1.6Mtpa by 2016.

CMZ general manager Fred Bantubonse said the mining sector was doing well and that the country was on track to meet that target in the next four years.

In an interview here, Mr Bantubonse said that while the target could be realised, there was a need to maintain the current investment climate in order to attract more investors to the sector.
The target would depend largely on maintaining the current conducive investment climate.

“Zambia is on track to attain the 1.6 million tonnes of copper production per annum by 2016, thanks to increased investment in the mining sector," he said.

Mr Bantubonse said it would also depend on the laws the government would put in place to reach the target.

On government plans to approve new export guidelines, Mr Bantubonse said it was yet to see the guidelines before making any comment. “We cannot comment on the matter because we have not seen the export guidelines yet and we do not know what impact this will create on the mines,” he said.

Government announced that it would soon approve guidelines to govern the export of minerals to enhance transparency in the mining sector.

Mines and Natural Resources Minister Wilber Simuusa said the committee, which comprised his ministry and Ministry of Finance would review and approve the new export guidelines soon.
Mr Simuusa said Zambians should take interest in their minerals and know how they were being exported.

The minister said people came to know about the irregularities in the way copper was being exported after audit report on Mopani Copper Mines.