A selection of
Zambian gemstones
Arusha, Tanzania — 23 March 2012 – The ambitious Zambian gemstone exhibition “’ which was halted over a decade ago because of alleged corruption “’ has been revived, and is scheduled to be held at Mount Meru Hotel here between 26 and 29 April.

The exhibition aims to showcase the country’s vast gemstone potential, reports “The Tanzanian Daily News”, cited by allAfrica.com. It was held annually for nine years, but was then halted in 1998 after the government had discovered that some dealers were abusing gemstone licences for their personal gain.

The event organising committee chairman, Abe Suleiman, said the four-day event would be showing rough and cut stones, jewellery, lapidary equipment and educational information. There would be 40 pavilions, and a number of buyers and sellers were expected to meet and conclude deals and establish crucial business links.

According to the chairman, buyers were expected from the United States, Canada, Brazil, Europe, India, Thailand, Australia, Japan, South Africa and some neighbouring countries. “This is going to be a show for quality and not quantity,” Suleiman said.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals said that a significant number of local licensed gemstone dealers had registered to take part and more were expected to do so before the deadline set on March 28.

"Through this regional concept, the participating countries will be able to share resources and knowledge, in order to build a value-additional infrastructure that brings more direct benefit back to their countries," the statement reads. The event, designed to be an annual affair, will feature all the gemstones mined in the country.

The Ministry of Energy and Minerals estimates that the previous gem-shows had generated up to US$600,000 annually, but pointed out that with the new gem-show and the raw tanzanite export ban, revenues are likely to rise sharply.

Other high value gemstones still in strong demand in foreign markets are still mined in various parts of Zambia. They include diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethyst, topaz, aquamarine, tourmaline, quartz and rhodelite.

Source: “Tanzanian Daily News” through allAfrica.com. For further details click here.