Stephen Cook,
Zest WEG Group
switchgear manager
15 October 2013 – The Zest WEG Group’s low voltage switchgear division is steadily growing its range of SABS-certified WEG switchgear, and is making definite inroads, into both the South African and African markets.

This growth strategy of quality and after-sales service has become a critical component of the company’s value proposition in today’s tough economic climate, particularly for customers with operations in the more remote areas of Africa.

“Over and above the quality of our products, the high levels of service we offer, our stockholding and our competitive pricing, the strength of our switchgear offering in Africa derives from a broad spread of branches and distributors in the region,” says Stephen Cook, switchgear manager at Zest WEG Group. “As part of the greater group offering, switchgear is serviced at the same level and enjoys the same technical backup that customers have come to expect with the other Zest WEG Group product lines.

“The high service level that has positioned WEG electric motors and drives as leading products in Africa is poised to do the same for the WEG switchgear range. The earlier success of the motors and drives has created a direct route for our switchgear products to follow.”

New products are continually being added to the WEG low voltage switchgear range, leveraging off the ongoing R&D conducted by WEG Brazil. These products are available off the shelf from the Zest WEG Group and include contactors, motor protection relays, motor circuit protection breakers, push buttons and indicating lights, field isolator stations, motor starters in either polycarbonate or sheet metal enclosures and other associated products.

Established seven years ago, the Zest WEG Group low voltage switchgear division is staffed by highly qualified technical personnel who undergo regular training to keep them up to date with the latest technology. They also have access to the greater technical knowledge pool within the Zest WEG Group and within the global WEG Group at very short notice.

“Keeping abreast of the latest developments in switchgear technology is important for us to ensure that this information and the associated critical skills are available to the industry at large,” Cook comments. Our training programmes are set up to ensure knowledge is applied in a manner that is appropriate to the equipment application, ensuring that the end user reaps the benefits of optimum performance of our products.”

Backed by SABS certification, the WEG switchgear product range is gaining popularity in the mining, general industry, commercial and domestic sectors. Among the leading products in the range is the CSW range of pushbutton and pilot lights, now available in complete sets; contactors and thermal overload relays; direct online starters; a full range of miniature circuit breakers and the most intelligent product in the range — the innovative SRW01 smart relay for protecting motors of high value and preventing extended downtime. This low voltage electric motor management system incorporates state-of-the-art technology and network communication capabilities, and its modular concept makes it suitable for a variety of applications.

A full catalogue of WEG switchgear products is accessible online through the Zest WEG Group’s website at These products are sold out of a sales centre at the Linbro Business Park in Sandton, easily accessible from Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Source: Zest Weg. For more information, click here.