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ZigBee-based water submeter

Wellspring International, provider of wireless, point-of-use submeters for all building types, is developing the industry’s first ZigBee™-ready wireless submetering system, using Ember Corporation’s wireless semiconductors, software and application development environment. The Aqura® system will allow both apartment residents and owners to monitor their water consumption from anywhere in the building. It will record and display consumption data at each water-consuming appliance within any multi-family residential unit.

A self-forming, self-healing wireless mesh network of ZigBee-based Aqura submeters will provide real-time usage data using a meter reader that resembles a TV remote control. The readings will be automatically collected from the ZigBee network several times a day and uploaded to Wellspring’s data and billing centre; thereafter they will be made available to residents, apartment owners and third party billing services on the web.

Wellspring selected the Ember platform because the technology is already proven. Ember is a promoter of the ZigBee Alliance, and its semiconductor system is now National Technical Systems’ ‘Golden Suite’ standard for evaluating IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee-ready products for interoperability.

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