Zimbabwe Mining
Development Corporation
chairman Godwills
Harare, Zimbabwe — 16 March 2012 – Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation chairman Godwills Masimirembwa says Zimbabwe’s earnings from diamond sales will double if the European Union and the United States remove sanctions on the country.

In an interview with CNN monitored by all.Africa.com, Masimirembwa said sanctions were impacting negatively on the economy and should be removed.

“The impact of sanctions is so devastating. They impact negatively on the pricing of our diamonds. We want the British and American businesspeople to come and bid for our diamonds but they are afraid of being victimised back home,” he claimed.

“America and the EU are not only imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe, but on its own people as well. They want to come and bid for the diamonds but because the big brother America is wielding a sjambok (whip), they will not come,” Masimirembwa added.

“Even partners in our joint venture companies are afraid of being blacklisted by America and the EU. We want sanctions to go yesterday,” he said.

Masimirembwa dismissed as false, claims that revenue from Marange diamonds were being channelled to the security forces.

“Right from the extraction stage to the sale of diamonds, the Ministry of Finance, the police and the companies involved are represented, and there is no way the money can be diverted,” he explained.

The diamond expert said there was nothing wrong with retired army personnel sitting on mining boards, saying they were part of the society.

"There is nothing wrong with the retired army personnel sitting on some of the boards.

"They are Zimbabweans and they are entitled to be on the boards provided they have the qualifications.

Source: “The Herald” through allAfrica.com. For further details click here.