Uranium, also known as yellow cake or U3O8, incorporates uranium mining and uranium processing. Uranium is often used as feedstock in nuclear power stations to produce nuclear energy. Uranium also includes uranium price, uranium production, energy, nuclear science, nuclear power and energy generation.

First Uranium purchases acid plant

[img:uranium%20site_0.jpg|Mining operations
underway at a
typical uranium
]Johannesburg, South Africa --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 22 April, 2008 - First Uranium Corporation – a resources company focused on the development of uranium and gold projects in South Africa – is to purchase and install an “off the shelf” acid plant to produce its own sulphuric acid. This will serve the twin purpose of reducing future costs and securing the supply of acid required for its two uranium and gold mining projects in the country.

Uranium listing planned

[img:Harmony1_0.jpg|Uranium One’s
Dominion Reefs
uranium mine
]Johannesburg, South Africa --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 18 April 2008 - Harmony Gold Mining Company and Pamodzi Resources Fund are planning to list shares in a uranium venture they are setting up within two to three years.

Quoting project chairman Ndaba Ntsele, Bloomberg News revealed this latest development, and also cited Harmony CEO Graham, Briggs as saying that shares of Rand Uranium Co.  – as the venture will be known – will be traded in Johannesburg and on an unspecified larger exchange.

TEAL wins new uranium licences in Mozambique

[img:Teal_0.jpg|Rick Menell,
President & CEO,
]Toronto, Canada --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 18 April 2008 - Listed on the Toronto and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges, TEAL Exploration and Mining Incorporated – a growth-oriented mineral development and exploration company building a solid track record in southern and central Africa – has been granted six uranium exploration licences in Mozambique.

Australian company seeks uranium in Botswana

[img:Impact%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg|An impact crusher
at work in Australia
]Perth, Australia --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 17 April 2008 - Impact Minerals Limited – Australian listed uranium, gold and nickel exploration company – has secured its first overseas expansion in the uranium sector with the granting of a significant exploration licence footprint covering 20 000 sq km in eastern Botswana.

Paladin’s Africa uranium projects well underway

[img:Paladin%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg|The Langer Heinrich
uranium mine
in Namibia
]Perth, Australia --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 11 April, 2008 - Paladin Energy Limited – the Toronto and Australian-listed exploration and development company focusing on uranium in Australia and Africa – expects to achieve close to a three-fold increase in production at its two southern Africa uranium projects in the next two years.

Bannerman aims for the top

[img:Bannerman_0.jpg|Peter Batten ringing
the opening bell at
the listing of Banner-
man Resources on the
Namibian Stock
]Windhoek, Namibia --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 03 April, 2008 - Canadian and Australian-listed Bannerman Resources Limited – an emerging international uranium producer with projects in Namibia and Botswana – aims to become one of the world's top 10 producers of the nuclear fuel when its two projects in Namibia are commissioned during the course of 2011.

Another uranium licence in Mauritania

[img:Shield%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg|Trenching at Shield’s
Conchita Florence
project in Mauritania
]Perth, Australia --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 03 April, 2008 - Shield Mining Limited – an Africa-focused gold and base metals explorer which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) – has been awarded another licence to explore for uranium in the west African country of Mauritania.

Another uranium listing in Namibia

[img:Bannerman%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg|Paladin’s Langer
Heinrich operation
in Namibia
]Perth, Australia --- MINING REVIEW.COM --- 28 March, 2008 - Australian-based uranium development company Bannerman Resources Limited has announced that it will list on the Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX) next week, making it the third uranium company to do so this year. The others were Paladin Energy and Deep Yellow.

Ezulwini new-order mining right approved

[img:First%20Uranium%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg|Gordon Miller,
President & CEO,
First Uranium
]Johannesburg, South Africa --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 27 March, 2008 - First Uranium Corporation – a resources company focused on the development of uranium and gold projects in South Africa – has been given the government thumbs-up for the transfer of the new order mining right to the Ezulwini uranium mine.

Uranium production to double

[img:Areva%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg|Power – the key
consumer of
world uranium
]Paris, France --- MININGREVIEW.COM --- 26 March, 2008 - French-based Areva SA – the world’s largest nuclear plant builder – is setting up an engineering venture with oilfield services provider Technip SA to implement a US$4.7 billion (close to R40 billion) plan to double uranium production in five years.

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