About Weba Chute Systems

Chute systems have an enormous impact on production and profitability. Our world-renowned Weba Transfer Chute Systems are used for bulk materials transfer in the industrial and mining sectors. We are the leading manufacturer of bespoke transfer chute systems. Leveraging our extensive experience and the latest technology we engineer and produce quality transfer systems that can accommodate coarse, dry, slightly wet or sticky materials. Each solution we deliver is uniquely tailored to each client’s specific application requirements, enhancing productivity and reducing unscheduled downtime. We have offices and representation in South Africa, Africa, Australasia, Russia, North America, South America and Europe with skilled, competent people on hand who are dedicated to providing fit-for-purpose transfer chute solutions globally. With more than 4500 chutes installed worldwide, our customers know that a genuine custom engineered Weba transfer chute system is the difference!

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