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Emerging Juniors DMW webinar live banner

Webinar 13 April: Emerging juniors in the DRC

Join DRC Mining Week, in collaboration with Mining Review Africa and Africa Mining Forum, as we uncover the investment opportunities in the DRC and highlight the key junior mining projects shaping the industry for the next generation.
Nickel webinar live banner

Webinar 1 April: Nickel – The forgotten battery metal

Can Africa participate in this anticipated uptick in nickel demand? Does the continent offer resources worth extracting and if so, what is the timeline on doing so? Join Mining Review Africa and Africa Mining Forum as we unpack this topic in greater detail.
Immersive Technologies webinar

Webinar 15 April: Digital integration in underground mining

Join Immersive Technologies and Mining Review Africa as we deliver a live webinar that addresses digital implementation in underground mines with ease.
Uranium webinar recording

Webinar recording: Uranium – A resurgence on the cards?

In this webinar, our guests discussed the resurgence in the uranium market, the opportunity that this holds for Africa’s top uranium developers, the key considerations in unlocking these asset and the nuclear energy outlook and potential in Africa.
TSC webinar

Webinar 17 March: Aligning ESG to business value

Join TSC.ai in partnership with Africa Mining Forum and Mining Review Africa for a live panel discussion on ESG requirements to ensure the success and sustainability of existing and future businesses.

Webinar 25 March: Vertical shaft access to underground ore bodies

Join UMS Group and Mining Review Africa for a webinar that will explore how to access deeper underground ore reserve more effectively.
coal webinar recording banner

Webinar recording: The question of coal in the energy transition

In this webinar, we explored the question of coal in the energy sector. Our guests unpack the concern around the role of traditional generation in the energy transition where Africa’s more immediate problem is that of modernisation and expansion.

Webinar recording: Making financial sense of South Africa’s mineral wealth

Access a recording of the webinar hosted by Menar and Mining Review Africa which unpacked the trends driving the growth of minerals and the role South Africa can play in supporting growth across the industry.
AfCFTA webinar recording

Webinar recording: Unpacking the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement

Access a recording of the webinar, which unpacked the AfCFTA in detail with expert guest speakers who outlined the legal and technical fundamentals of the agreement and the main principles guiding its effective implementation in the DRC.
DRC Gold webinar recording

Webinar recording: Exploring gold potential in the DRC

Listen to a recording of the webinar hosted by DRC Mining Week and Mining Review Africa which explored the lucrative gold opportunities in the region, how best to overcome the challenges in accessing these ore bodies and what untapping these resources could do the DRC economy.

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