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Webinar recording: Addressing mining supply chain constraints through innovation

With a growing solid mineral production locally, the development of Nigeria’s mining industry will be closely reliant on the quality of the existing infrastructure and the efficiency of the transport networks. These are key components to ensure mine accessibility, trade facilitation, staff & cargo safety as well as overall business and supply chain competitiveness.

Points of discussion included:

  • What are the short and medium term solutions to tackle the current infrastructure deficit and security challenges faced by miners in Nigeria?
  • How can innovation and integrated pit-to-port solutions ensure a smooth cycle in the mining value chain and facilitate trade?
  • How is Vetifly blazing the trail with the competence and technical skillsets to close the gap in the market with transport solutions serving the mining industry?

Moderated by:

Laura Cornish, Editor-in-Chief, Mining Review Africa, South Africa


Emmanuel Okoh, CEO, Vetifly, Nigeria

Dr Nura Isah, Commissioner of State, Zamfara, Nigeria

Mr Kayode Khalidson, Senior Partner, Infrastructure Delivery International, Nigeria