DRC exploring gold

Live broadcast date: 26 January 2021

06h00 Toronto | 11h00 GMT | 11h00 London | 12h00 WAT | 13h00 Johannesburg | 19h00 Perth

The north-east corner of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is home to one of Africa’s richest goldfields, including Barrick Corporation’s Kibali gold mine – the largest gold mine in Africa. However, in recent years’ gold mining activities have contributed little to the overall prosperity of the nation due to the ongoing conflict and violence in the area, the scale of the mining activities – mainly artisanal, and the smuggling of gold to neighbouring countries.

Join DRC Mining Week and Mining Review Africa for a Webinar session that will explore the lucrative gold opportunities in the region, how best to overcome the challenges in accessing these ore bodies and what untapping these resources could do the DRC economy.

Key discussion points will include:

  • What is the potential for further mining gold mining in the North East of the DRC?
  • Can joint venture agreements between juniors and majors fast track new gold developments?
  • How can the government support junior mining companies in the development of gold exploration projects in the country?
  • What role do juniors play in alleviating poverty through job creation within the local communities by tapping into new projects?
  • Sharing of experiences by current gold mining juniors in the region.
  • How to harness the potential of artisanal miners and integrate smaller operations in the value chain?


– Lazarre Potier, Deputy Chief of Party of Zahabu Safi, a USAID-funded artisanal mining project in DRC
– François Adao, Lawyer, Herbert Smith Free Hills, France

Moderator by:
– Laura Cornish, Editor, Mining Review Africa, South Africa