The future of South Africa’s mining sector holds significant potential but requires collaboration, partnership and unified transformation objectives between stakeholders.

Because the successful delivery of both Greenfield and Brownfield projects in the country will centre on these key components, the industry should look to work closely with companies who share similar objectives and can contribute meaningfully towards transformation.

Listen to this webinar where Erudite, Exxaro and Mining Review Africa discuss the importance of having a base of appropriately transformed industry players capable of executing project delivery for the growth and sustainability of South Africa’s mining industry.

The webinar unpacks:

  • The importance of working with fully transformed partners in the mining sector
  • The emergence of a new segment of businesses that offer skills and experience as well as the correct transformation credentials
  • Leveraging South Africa’s abundance of industrial minerals used in battery manufacturing which will contribute to a technologically driven global future
  • Driving sustainability in South Africa beyond the mining sector 
  • The future vision for South Africa’s mining industry which hinges on the above criteria


Johann de Bruin | Founder and CEO | Erudite Group of Companies

Vincent Raseroka | Chairman | Erudite Group of Companies

Mzila Mthenjane | Executive Head: Stakeholder Affairs | Exxaro Resources