Women have come a long way in breaking down legal and social barriers to win their place in the mining sector. Their efforts and perseverance have ensured that today these women can share the labor market and business with their male peers.

Moreover, the fact remains that these women are facing challenges such as access to finance, and equipment, which hinders the expansion of their various activities.

Join DRC Mining Week for a webinar that will explore how government and financial institutions can help support women that are playing an active role in the DRC’s mining sector.

Key discussion points included:

  • Support plan: What can the government do to support women to boost their mining activities and make them financially independent?
  • In which areas of the mining industry do women need support the most?
  • How to develop new policies and regulations that would allow women to access credit?
  • How can banks in the DRC support small and medium-sized enterprises founded by women?


Dorothée Masele, Coordinatrice et Responsable, WIM, RDC

Evelyne Mbata, Chargée de Communication et Sensibilisation, Unité d’Exécution du Programme National DDR (UEPNDDR) / Membre de la Société Civile, RDC

Hon. Prof. Willy Kitobo Samsoni, Ministre, Ministère des Mines, RDC