Zimtrade webinar live

Live broadcast date: Wednesday, 30 September 2020

05h00 New York | 09h00 GMT | 10h00 London | 11h00 Paris | 11h00 Amsterdam | 11h00 Johannesburg | 14h30 New Delhi | 17h00 Singapore | 19h00 Melbourne

The key to building and developing a successful mining industry in Africa lies in countries’ ability to localise business opportunities and facilitate trade between regions.

This notion is supported and encouraged in Zimbabwe by ZimTrade, the National Trade Development and Promotion Organization of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Through its close relationships with industry experts and development cooperation partners, it facilitates trade opportunities with local Zimbabwean companies and other mining-hot destinations in Africa, such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The organisation is a true reflection of inter-regional trade and support for businesses in both Zimbabwe, the DRC and the rest of Africa.

Join ZimTrade, Mining Review Africa and DRC Mining Week for a live discussion that will outline the extensive opportunities available in supporting the growth of the mining industry in the DRC through its local partners.

The webinar will include:

  • An introduction to ZimTrade and the organization’s core purpose
  • The true trade potential that exists between Zimbabwe and the DRC
  • What the Zimbabwe OEM industry has to offer the African mining industry
  • The benefits or inter-regional trade between African countries
  • Case study: ZimTrade partner Boltgas International and the trade successes it has achieved in the DRC
  • Case study: Ivanhoe Mines’ – one of the DRC’s biggest copper mine developers and its relationship with ZimTrade partners


Laura Cornish, Editor-in-Chief, Mining Review Africa


Allan T. Majuru, Chief Executive Officer | ZimTrade

Simon B. Tuma-Waku, Vice-Président | Fédération des Entreprises du Congo (FEC)

Matthew Sibanda, CEO | Boltgas International