Webinar broadcast: Wednesday, 19 August 2020

08h00 New York | 12h00 GMT | 13h00 London | 14h00 Paris | 14h00 Amsterdam | 14h00 Johannesburg | 17h30 New Delhi | 20h00 Singapore | 22h00 Melbourne

In this ‘Man Meets Machine’ webinar, experts will share exciting insights about how artificial intelligence can enhance human experience to make process plants more efficient.

Multotec has long been a front-runner in technologies to improve performance and optimise life of its mineral processing equipment. As a result, they can cut the jargon and talk practically about achievements to date that offer value to mines.

The panellists will also talk about opportunities to further develop intelligent technologies, to make the mining sector more efficient and sustainable. There are challenges, however, that still have to be navigated – among these being the need for more collaboration.

Key topics for the webinar include:
• The rationale and value of developing integrated technologies for mineral process applications
• Benefits of intelligent technologies to the minerals processing customer
• Technology projects at Multotec to exploit artificial intelligence
• The role of the human versus the role of the intelligent machine
• Looking ahead to the process plant of the future

Thomas Holtz, Chief Executive Officer | Multotec Group
Faan Bornman, Technology Manager for Research & Development | Multotec
James Trace, Owner | TraceX