Webinar broadcast date: Wednesday, 28 October 2020

08h00 New York | 12h00 GMT | 12h00 London | 13h00 Paris | 13h00 Amsterdam | 14h00 Johannesburg | 17h30 New Delhi | 20h00 Singapore | 23h00 Melbourne

With precious metal prices hitting record levels, and the aftermath of COVID-19 still being felt, mine owners are looking at maximising their production.

High capital costs and long lead times to bring new shafts into production has further emphasised the focus on short term gains to help fund long-term investments in new infrastructure.

That short-term focus is on upgrading existing infrastructure.

This brings a renewed focus on refurbishing old assets and channelling capital to debottleneck and upgrade shaft and mine projects.

Join UMS Group and Mining Review Africa for a webinar that will address the challenge of de-bottlenecking vertical shafts to maximise production.

This webinar will discuss:

  • The need to ensure your shaft is synchronised – how to make sure it is performing optimally, and what you need to consider to achieve this -from the hoists, headgear, stations, loading arrangements, ventilation, cooling, water and power services, communication, material and personal transport traffic flow, employee training, rescue plans and emergency evacuation plans.
  • How to identify the bottlenecks preventing the capacity being reached and maintained
  • How to ensure efficiency of the entire shaft system and design capacity – life cycle of each components which impacts on running costs, maintenance costs, maintenance intervals, maintenance skills, skills transfer and training needs
  • How to allocate time and money effectively to bring your back to its nameplate capacity or to a new compromised capacity. 
  • Planned inspections, maintenance and replacement, budgets
  • Safety critical item inspection and recording
  • Recognising when to call in the experts

Confirmed speaker:

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