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Webinar recording: Selecting a replacement for SDH grid communications

Webinar broadcast date: Tuesday, 15 December 2020

04h00 New York | 09h00 GMT | 09h00 London | 10h00 Amsterdam | 11h00 Johannesburg | 14h30 New Delhi | 17h00 Singapore

As PDH/SDH communications equipment for grid monitoring and control become obsolete and no longer vendor-supported, utilities are seeking a replacement to ensure continuing operations.

This new solution must support existing applications as well as evolving power grids with distributed renewables generation and storage, and new applications such as CCTV and VoIP. It also needs to provide a communications platform for optimising future operations that are more IP and data-centric as greater digitalisation and automation is utilised in grids to realise the benefits of Industry 4.0.

This webinar will focus on how a standards-based IP/MPLS technology solution is addressing these needs. Field experience from successfully transitioning critical applications that include SCADA and voice to IP/MPLS will be shared. Support for current differential relays, which require constant low delay and jitter, and delay symmetry between the go and return paths will be highlighted. A technology comparison of extending a current SDH approach with MPLS-TP whose standards development concluded several years ago, will highlight how IP/MPLS better prepares a utility for future grid transformation.


Dominique Verhulst, Head: Global Energy Practice | Nokia
Andrej Goerbing, System Architect Communication at product development | Siemens Smart Infrastructure / Digital Grid