Upcoming Webinars

The global significance of the DRC’s battery metals and minerals
Wed, 26 August 2020 from 13h00 GMT

Harnessing hydropower in the DRC
Wed, 30 September 2020 from 13h00 GMT

Advice on how to successfully do business in Nigeria’s mining sector
Tues, 6 Octotber 2020 from 13h00 GMT

Investing in Africa: How to make your African project investable
Tues, 10 November 2020 from 13h00 GMT

Recent Webinars

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Making Industry 4.0 work for African mines

La lumière au bout du tunnel: avancée des projets énergétiques en RDC

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Health and Safety: Is there a new ‘modus operandi’ to running mining operations in the DRC?

Local content and capacity building post Covid-19: opportunity to build an efficient ‘made in DRC’ business model?

Power to the mines: A finger on the pulse of power projects in DRC

What commodities are showing more resilience from COVID-19 and why?

Trade briefing: Department of Trade and Equipment Providers share their experience in the DRC

How can existing and emerging players become/remain successful in the DRC?

KEYNOTE: Impact of COVID-19 on DRC mining: what will the industry look like tomorrow?

Formalising artisanal mining in the DRC

The impact of COVID-19 on the DRC’s mining industry

Self-generation: Are mining companies prepared to generate their own energy?

Hybrid power: Improving constraints in the mining sector

Proximity detection systems, are you ready for the December 2020 deadline?

Knight Piesold: Investing in safe & sustainable tailings management: recording

Erudite: Growing South Africa’s mining industry through transformation

Mining Review Africa: Breaking ground: How can African junior mining companies encourage investment to build their first operation

Knight Piesold: Should Upstream Tailings Storage Facilities be banned?

Mining Review Africa and ESI Africa: Gridlocked: How can mining companies reduce their reliance on grid power?

Mining Review Africa: Investing in the DRC’s mining sector – what you need to know?

Mining Review Africa and ESI Africa: Battery storage: Africa’s energy metals market and supply chain

Mining Review Africa: Hydropower in the African Mining sector

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Mining Review Africa and ESI Africa: Coal vs Renewables: The future of Africa’s energy mix

Mining Review Africa & Renewable Energy World : Unpacking the energy storage value chain