Upcoming Webinars

Regulatory changes: Angola’s diamond sector
20 January 2021 | 08h00 GMT

Exploring gold potential in the DRC
26 January 2021 | 11h00 GMT

Power to the Mines
24 February 2021 | TBC

Uranium: A resurgence on the cards?
25 February 2021 | TBC

AFTCA webinar
31 March 2021 | TBC

Recent Webinars

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Addressing mining supply chain constraints through innovation

Supporting women in mining initiatives in DRC

2018 DRC Mining Code: Applicable tax and customs regime

Fekola – A Hybrid PV, Storage, Thermal-powered Gold Mine

Optimising shaft performance: Key to boosting production in mature mines

Northern Irish talent delivers new mining innovations

A 5-year vision for AI in mining

Harnessing hydropower in the DRC

Infinite possibilities: Promoting trade between Zimbabwe and the DRC

Energy Efficient Mining for a Better Tomorrow

What’s hot and happening in West Africa

Northern Ireland & UK Export Finance: Innovation. Reliability. Opportunities.

The global significance of the DRC’s battery metals and minerals

How to integrate renewable energy into existing thermal energy grids

Gold watch: Effects of the gold price rally in Africa

Building Nigeria’s mining industry through downstream opportunities

Power projects in Africa: How insurance can help mitigate investment risk

Counting on copper: Renewable energy and EV boom drive demand

Making Industry 4.0 work for African mines

La lumière au bout du tunnel: avancée des projets énergétiques en RDC

The other side of the medal: can we expect an acceleration into digitised mining economy due to COVID-19?

Health and Safety: Is there a new ‘modus operandi’ to running mining operations in the DRC?

Local content and capacity building post Covid-19: opportunity to build an efficient ‘made in DRC’ business model?

Power to the mines: A finger on the pulse of power projects in DRC

What commodities are showing more resilience from COVID-19 and why?

Trade briefing: Department of Trade and Equipment Providers share their experience in the DRC

How can existing and emerging players become/remain successful in the DRC?

KEYNOTE: Impact of COVID-19 on DRC mining: what will the industry look like tomorrow?

Formalising artisanal mining in the DRC

The impact of COVID-19 on the DRC’s mining industry

Self-generation: Are mining companies prepared to generate their own energy?

Hybrid power: Improving constraints in the mining sector

Proximity detection systems, are you ready for the December 2020 deadline?

Knight Piesold: Investing in safe & sustainable tailings management: recording

Erudite: Growing South Africa’s mining industry through transformation

Mining Review Africa: Breaking ground: How can African junior mining companies encourage investment to build their first operation

Knight Piesold: Should Upstream Tailings Storage Facilities be banned?

Mining Review Africa and ESI Africa: Gridlocked: How can mining companies reduce their reliance on grid power?

Mining Review Africa: Investing in the DRC’s mining sector – what you need to know?

Mining Review Africa and ESI Africa: Battery storage: Africa’s energy metals market and supply chain

Mining Review Africa: Hydropower in the African Mining sector

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Mining Review Africa and ESI Africa: Coal vs Renewables: The future of Africa’s energy mix

Mining Review Africa & Renewable Energy World : Unpacking the energy storage value chain