Credit: Nokia

While Industry 4.0 is sweeping the global mining sector, mission-critical communications and the automation of operational processes are vital to increasing operational efficiency and mine productivity while improving worker safety.

The trouble is, the Wi-Fi networks that most mines rely on simply weren’t built for the demands of business-critical mining use cases – they are characterised by unpredictable performance, patchy coverage and poor security.

To make Industry 4.0 work for your mines and enable the autonomous applications that will deliver results, you need pervasive wireless voice and data connectivity. With Industrial-grade Private LTE/4.9G technology, you can deliver a real competitive advantage right now using your existing ecosystem of machines, sensors and systems. And you can prepare your mines for what’s next – a seamless transition to 5G.

This virtual discussion addresses mining industry professionals in Central and Southern Africa who are involved in control, optimisation and automation, and provide them with insights into the state of the art of digital transformation technologies.

Key discussion areas:

• How can private LTE/4.9G technology bring new levels of automation and innovation?

• What are the challenges with today’s Wi-Fi-based mining networks?

• What Industry 4.0 use cases will enable the next wave of mining transformation in Africa?

• How is Sandvik implementing their road to autonomy and what role does private wireless play?


Niel McCoy, Business Line Manager Digitalization & Automation | Sandvik

Ken Budka, Senior Partner, Verticals, Enterprise and New Business Models | Bell Labs Consulting