Broadcast series: 17-19 June 2020

The DRC Mining Week team want to continue supporting and assisting with your network engagements and connections by inviting you to participate in this exciting, content-rich digital event, running for three days 17-19 June.

We understand that topical content and engagement with key industry professionals will be key for many of you. Therefore, in the run-up to June, our team and Mining Review Africa have put together a series of webinars that you can attend for free.


Wednesday, 17 June

11h00 GMT


KEYNOTE: Impact of COVID-19 on DRC mining: what will the industry look like tomorrow?

  • How can DRC improve its industry attractiveness to investors?  
  • Mining Code and Business Climate: what will be the incentive for investors and operators to propel their business and operations?
  • The big 5 of DRC: gold, copper, cobalt, coltan, lithium = supply and demand dynamic that will run the “new world”
  •  Slump in cobalt demand: some minerals more resilient than others?


Prof. Willy Kitobo Samsoni, Minister, Ministry of Mining, DRC

Huang Xia, Special Envoy for the Great Lakes Region, United Nations

Jean Marc Châtaignier, Ambassador of European Union to the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC

13h00 GMT

Panel discussion: How can existing and emerging players become/remain successful in the DRC?

  • The impact and the contribution of regional and international presence in DRC
  • What experience and best practice can be shared to encourage “shy” partners to start in the DRC
  • Finding the right recipe integrating compliance with fiscal rules, transparency of environmental and social impact and sharing of revenues with governments
  • Identify the needs of the market – is your business niche enough and in line with market trends?


Olebogeng Sentsho, CEO, Simba Mgodi Mining, SA

Rodolph De Bruin, Founding Partner, AMED Funds, SA

Boris Kamstra, Director, Pangea Exploration, SA

15h00 GMT

Panel discuss: Trade briefing: Department of Trade and Equipment Providers share their experience in the DRC

  • Get an insight from experienced players successfully doing business in the DRC
  • What are international suppliers looking for in the DRC?
  • What are the challenges they are encountering and how do they go around it?
  • What is the DRC putting in place to incentivise and facilitate international presence and business?   


Eric Bruggeman, Director and CEO, SACEEC, South Africa

Helmut Schgeiner, Technical Director, VDMA, Germany

John Kanyoni, Vice President, Chamber of Mines, DRC

Thursday, 18 June

11h00 GMT

What commodities are showing more resilience from COVID-19 and why?

• Will the permanency of the decline of some commodities be tied to the duration of the crisis?
• What is the plan around the metals currently building surpluses due to the demand weakness?
• How do future consumers will try to mitigate supply risks?
• Why is gold considered as the safe haven
• DRC: a unique combination of political, financial and operational challenges to understand when it comes to cobalt and copper
• How to break dependency to cobalt? Is nickel an alternative?

Hamish Sampson, Senior Analyst Base Metals, CRU, UK
Amedeo Anniciello, CEO, Standard Bank, DRC
Simon Tuma Waku, Deputy Managing Director, Tenke Fungurume Mining, DRC
Cyrille Mutombo, Country Manager, Barrick – Kibali, DRC

13h00 GMT

Power to the mines: A finger on the pulse of power projects in DRC

  • Sustainability of power transmission and distribution infrastructure
  • Looking at successful operating models that have mitigated fiscal risk and increased security of supply
  • Electricity Regulatory Index (ERI) for Africa: Identifying key gaps in DRC’s electricity sector regulations and assessing improvements
  • Forecasts for Africa’s Power Infrastructure: Will DRC become self-sufficient and bring its mining industry along for the ride?
  • Strategies to attract investors for new power plant construction projects: Where to find the capital?


Raphael Khalifa, Chief Executive Officer, Tembo Power, Mauritius

Alastair Gerrard, Zest WEG Group

15h00 GMT


Local content and capacity building post-Covid-19: opportunity to build an efficient “made in DRC” business model?

  • Foreign national are currently restricted in the DRC: is it time to shine for the Congolese?
  • Building a local workforce from the bottom to the top of the ladder: Incentivising a Congolese executive management
  • Capacity Building for a Responsible Minerals Trade (CBRMT) project: Regulate the trade in conflict minerals—the 3Ts (tin, tantalum, tungsten) and gold
  • Local Content Policies (LCPs) conditions to operate in DRC mining sector
  • Bringing the gap between mining operators’ future operational strategy and government LCPs


Lorenzo Giacomin, Project Director, Edukat, DRC

Justin Kashala, Human Resources Manager, Ivanhoe Mines, DRC

Friday, 19 June

11h00 GMT

Health and Safety: Is there a new “modus operandi” to run mining operations in the DRC?

  • Is it a good time to review health and safety measures considering that the mining industry can be considered as a catalyst for Covid-19?
  • What are the biggest risks miners and communities are exposed to?
  • New reality: need for the development of a global industry safety standard
  • Government and Community: what is the level of communication and education to prevent accidents and manage impact of mining activities?


John Wates, Chairman, Fraser Alexander, South Africa

Luck Mumba, CSR head, Eurasian Resources Group Africa, DRC

13h00 GMT

The other side of the medal: Can we expect an acceleration into digitised mining economy due to Covid-19?

  • Can DRC and Africa get ready for advanced mining technology?
  • The current communication models adaptable for mining operations in DRC
  • The Internet of Things: From utopia to potential implementation 
  • Dealing with the AI curse: supporting labor-intensive African economy vs. driving automation and disruption

Speakers to be confirmed.



« La lumière au bout du tunnel »:  Avancée des projets énergétiques en RDC

  • La course à l’alimentation électrique durable : Rapports sur l’état d’avancement des projets en cours et à venir
  • Diversifier la composition énergétique et revoir les modèles de fonctionnement de la RDC pour maximiser la production locale
  • Prévisions concernant l’infrastructure électrique de l’Afrique : La RDC deviendra-t-elle autosuffisante et fera-t-elle appel à son industrie minière ?
  • Stratégies visant à attirer les investisseurs pour les projets de construction de nouvelles centrales électriques : Où trouver les fonds?

Conformed speaker:

John Nsana Kanyoni, Directeur, Trade Power, RDC

Eric Monga Mumba, Chief Executive, Kipay Investments, DRC

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