Liberia – Hummingbird Resources has received a positive preliminary report from Knight Piesold Consulting (KP) for the proposed hydro-electric power (HEP) plant, ±10 km from its 4.2 Moz Dugbe gold project.

This significant development follows the signature of a collaboration agreement for the funding and development of the HEP signed in April 2015 with IFC InfraVentures, the IFC Global Infrastructure Project Development Fund, and Aldwych International, a leading energy company active in the growing economies of Africa.


  • Report demonstrates a range of hydropower options that would be highly beneficial in the development of a sustainable and low-cost source of power for the Dugbe gold project, as well as the south-east Liberian region
  • Assessed four run-of-river hydropower options ranging from 15 MW to 30 MW with varying intakes
  • A hydropower development on the Dugbe River represents a legacy asset that will benefit the region by providing low cost renewable energy long after mine closure to the communities in the region
  • Pre-feasibility assessment will be finalised on completion of additional hydrological studies and topographic mapping (satellite survey) – targeting final  report in Q2, 2016
  • Pre-feasibility study funded (circa US$265 000) by IFC InfraVentures as part of the collaboration agreement

“We are highly encouraged by the preliminary study for the development of a HEP plant in south-eastern Liberia which, if developed, will enable a sustainable and low-cost source of power for our Dugbe gold project and secure a source of domestic power supply for the local region,” says Dan Betts, CEO of Hummingbird Resources.

“With the pre-feasibility study being fully funded by IFC InfraVentures, Hummingbird is ideally positioned to capitalise on the HEP development whilst mitigating risk and capital exposure.  We also believe the HEP scheme will create a catalyst for growth in the region and provide a significant potential operating cost saving for the development of Dugbe.”

 Further Information

The previous desktop HEP scoping study considered an operational mine power demand of 30 MW.  However, the updated average power demand for Dugbe is forecast at 16 MW but with additional capacity for the local region to address the expected peak demands of 20 to 30 MW.  KP has therefore assessed a range of hydropower project alternatives, including:

  • Alternative 1 – 30 MW project with 3 intakes, on Dugbe River, Botou River and Geebo Creek
  • Alternative 2 – 25 MW project with 2 intakes on Dugbe River and Botou River
  • Alternative 3 – 20 MW project with 1 intake on Dugbe River
  • Alternative 4 – 15 MW project with 1 intake on Dugbe River

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