In Sierra Leone the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources is in the process of preparing a new Core Minerals Policy (CMP) in line with the Africa Mining Vision (AMV).

In support of this initiative, the African Minerals Development Centre (AMDC) will assist the government of Sierra Leone in its roll out of a sensitisation workshop held in Freetown from 5 – 10 June 2016.

This workshop will provide communications professionals operating in-country with increased understanding of the AMV and the CMP as well as tactical guidance to communicate on these processes.

More specifically, the AMV sensitisation workshop seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase awareness of AMV among stakeholders active in the preparation of the CMP and show the potential benefits to Sierra Leone;
  • Introduce the AMDC to stakeholders and enhance collaborative relationships between the AMDC and other actors outside government;
  • Enhance collaboration and networking among stakeholders relevant to extractive sector with regards to the domestication of the AMV;
  • Establish a core database of AMV experts to serve as resource persons for sensitization of the AMV in their communities.

Approximately 75 participants from various stakeholder groups will attend the meeting, namely from government, private sector (large scale as well as small scale and artisanal miners), civil society and the media.