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West African gold developer’s first results extends gold deposit

ASX-listed Tietto Minerals announced that results from initial RC/DD holes drilled during the first 2018 drilling campaign have extended mineralisation at depth and along strike at Tietto Minerals’ Abujar gold deposit in Côte d’Ivoire.
Côte d’Ivoire – One step‐back hole ZRD104 on Line 19 in the middle of the Abujar deposit defined the depth extension of the mineralisation with good grades and thickness:
  • 2 m at 0.77 g/t Au from 172 m
  • 13 m at  2.8 g/t Au from 238 m to EOH including 3 m at 2.76 g/t Au from 238 m and 5 m at 5.48 g/t Au from 246 m
  • EOH in mineralisation

Four shallow test holes, ZRC110, ZRC111, ZRC109 and ZRC108, one on each line of line 29, 30, 31 and 32, drilled at the immediate north of the Abujar deposit extended the mineralisation by 400 m along strike:

  • ZRC110: 8 m at 1.83 g/t Au from 60 m including 4 m at 3.2 g/t Au; 4 m at 1.19 g/t Au from 112 m; 2 m at 1.05 g/t Au from 36 m; 2 m at 0.83 g/t Au from 48 m;
  • ZRC111: 6m at 0.61 g/t Au from 28 m; 2 m at 1.03 g/t Au from 50 m; 2 m at 1.05 g/t Au from 50 m; 2 m at 0.62  g/t Au from 5 m;
  • ZRC109: 4 m at 0.99 g/t Au from 38 m; 2 m at 1.88 g/t Au from 62 m; 2 m at 0.60 g/t Au from 78 m; and
  • ZRC108: 6 m at 1.23 g/t Au from 44 m; 2 m at 1.12 g/t Au from 64 m; 2 m at 0.85 g/t Au from 72 m; 2 m at 0.81 g/t Au from 90 m

Tietto Minerals will follow up these shallow resources in multiple zones with further drilling to provide additional definition.

2018 drilling progress

As at 25 March 2018, Tietto Minerals’ maiden 2018 drilling campaign had drilled 51 holes including 4,893.4 m RC and 1 046.9 m DD for a total of 5,940.3 m in six targets and ore body extensions being:

1) Abujar orebody depth extension (RC start and DD finish)
2) Abujar orebody northern extension shallow hole test drilling (RC)
3) Mandanou prospect shallow hole test drilling (RC)
4) Pishchon extension shallow hole test drilling (RC)
5) Golikro shallow hole test drilling (RC)
6) Zoukpangbeu North shallow hole test drilling (RC)

Abujar deposit depth extension

Results  from  deep  holes  drilled  in  2016  (Section  24)  and  in  the  current  drilling  campaign (Section 19) have extended the Abujar gold deposit well below 250 m  from ground surface with good mineralisation continuity, and high grades of upto 1 m at 27 g/t Au.